Blog Question.....Your Opinion Please

I’ve become a blogging fool, with several now (Lu Knits, Bible KB & Lu Gardens), I love to blog about everything that makes life wonderful for me. I blog mostly about knitting but I also have lots of other stuff I do which I want to post about (links below in my sig)…I was wondering what your opinions are…I created ONE log merging the postings from my 3 favorite blogs, it’s called Lu’s Views (for now)…Any and all opinions are welcome.

I’m not really sure what a “merged blog” would be. I keep a blog at a blog site called and just blog about whatever nonsense crosses my mind at the time.

One big ol’ blog with everything in it!

Mine is “merged,” I guess you could say. But I’m in a unique situation. I have 17 alters, 4 of whom also have their own blogs. I have one, Hannah Grace has one, Lyn has one, Alex has one and Susan has one. We’re all blogging independently though there is obviously some overlap, given that we share a single body.


If it’s mostly knitting with some other stuff thrown in, one blog is cool, but if it’s a lot of other stuff to the extent that knitting is less than 1/2 the stuff on there, I like it separate. For the most part, the only blogs I read are knitting blogs.

One blog with everything about you in it. It’s supposed to be YOUR blog, all about you, and everything you wanna talk about. I’ve been blogging for 7+ years and despite my fluctuating interests, I have have always only had one blog.

Lu, I don’t know how you handle keeping up with KH, knitting and all of your blogs! I like the idea of having one blog. I setup mine for the intent of it to be knitting related. However, I’m sure all the content will not be about knitting. I think you should do what is easier for you. I know for me there is only 1 me = 1 blog

Does that make any sense???:??:??

That’s a question I’ve been thinking about recently too. I started a separate blog for the knitting and crocheting stuff because I didn’t think the folks who read my personal blog are interested in those stuff. But I’m still toying with the idea of a merged blog for when I buy my own domain. I think it may be easier to maintain. :shrug:

My interests are all really really disjointed, so it doesn’t tend to make a lot of sense to combine them, but I do tend to include personal randomness in any and all blogs.

I tend to be more interested in reading blogs that are specific to something rather than all-inclusive, but I have a short attention span.

I think merged would be fine- and if you have a tagging system clearly set up so people can filter/ search for knitting separately, that can help. I like crafting blogs that have peeks into the writer’s life, but I’m not necessarily interested in Everything. just my 2 cents…

Are you a “Sybil”? multiple personality?

Thanks all! :muah: I’m surprised by the results, but I agree, one blog to cover ALL my interests (I’m getting back into oil painting, for example but wouldn’t want to start yet ANOTHER blog).

I also love to oil paint… I have 3 hobbies. Knitting is my first love, Then oil painting-- when I get in the mood. Then I take pottery classes.

I have to have so many hobbies to keep me sain. I have bouts of depressing so to keep me off of medicine I do all 3 of those. It works for me.

I am not much of a blog reader but I think one blog is plenty… and like the other poster said… some way to filter through so you can find what you want~!:aww:

I don’t blog, but I read quite a number of them regularly. I love the ones that have a little picture of the life of the writer, with all their interests, observations, and commentary. I love it when the writer can make some mundane day-to-day experience so funny I spew soft drink out my nose and laugh so hard I cry. I admire people with that skill. I tried keeping a blog for about a month, and it looked mostly like an appointment book. Clearly it’s not a skill that everyone possesses.

That’s what I meant by merging them…rather than keeping separate ones for all my different interests. I like your blog.

Thanks for all the opinions!

You sound like me…oh, and pottery is on my list of things to get into. I did a little as a child…I guess us knitters are just the type to be creative with our hands.

I have one blog. Its mostly knitting but I’ll write anything that comes to mind so I guess its merged.

One of my diagnoses is DID. Dissociative Identity Disorder. I am, effectively, 18 different people. Several of us have our own blogs. We’re very different, so it makes sense we couldn’t share the same blog.

My personal blog is merged because I post about everything there.

Quiara, :shrug: I am sorry:oops: for the thing I posted about you:hiding:

Are you a “Sybil”? multiple personality?

I met it as a joke, I had no idea. I so sorry.