Blog Help PLEASE

OK… I know this is How to Knit but I am having the most frustrating day and if I don’t get this straightened out…I won’t have time to KNIT !!! Grrrrrrrrrr

My photos won’t upload into my blog… I keep getting a square with a red X in it…
I just came down here to Florida and I am using a different puter…but I can’t see how that matters… everything else is the same… I downloaded a new Picasa2 and I have the same Blog but still … ??
Please lok in my blog so you can see…
How do you all post your photos in your Blogs??? :doh:

Are you using picasa? IMHO it’s pretty stinkin’ confusing. Picasa and I don’t get along.

Personally I use the photo upload tool that’s built into Blogger, or I upload my photos to Photobucket and link them from there.

I do the same as Julie. Photobucket is good once you get past all the advertising. It’s very easy to use. I do find that Blogger and Photobucket don’t always play nicely, but the way I get around that is to upload to Blogger from Photobucket rather than just linking to the image on Photobucket (makes more sense when you actually use the program).

Blogger should be able to host your images…

For some reason tho it’s thinking your images are invalid, as the image it’s showing is:

Makes since there… are you using the “Blog it” button in picasa?

I’ve never tried that I should create a test blog to do that… let me know if you want some help

Oh PLEASE… YES… I do need help… Picasa told me to uninstall it and reinstall it… I just did that but it did not help…
I do hit the Blog This button in Picassa…yes!

What do they mean in my Blog by invalid jpg???
You can email me with HELP :slight_smile:

How do you send your photobucket photos?? I am trying that also… One photo was HUGE… so I clicked on 25% of photo… It came out good… Then I tried it on the next photo and it still came out huge… When I reclicked on it to 25% it came out really tiny!!!
Do you resize EVERY photo before you send it to Blogger???
How about the 3 choices on the bottom… The Tag ? The URL and the other one?? I forget what it said… Do you set any of those or pick one ?? Is there a place to set ALL the photos in photobucket???
I really have had a Frustrating Day trying to get this right…
HELP !!! :wall:

I tend to play with my photos quite a bit before putting them on Photobucket. I have Paint Shop Photo Album software that came with my computer so I use that mostly. Photobucket will resize anything larger than 250k automatically, but I do most of my resizing before I upload them. I pretty much resize ALL of my pictures.

I upload them from Photobucket to Blogger using Blogger’s upload tool. In Blogger’s photo upload tool, you have two choices - upload from your computer or upload from a URL. I go with the upload from URL when going with Photobucket. You can also copy and paste the URL for a particular image from Photobucket directly into your Blogger post, but when I do it, my post turns out all wonky. So I generally use the upload tool.

I’m using Zoto - for pictures to my blog and it’s working well - although it seemed to take me a while to figure it all out!

Thank You so much for your HELP… I got it to work out in Photobucket using the URL like you said… Wow… What a refief it is :slight_smile: :cheering:

Thanks… Thats good to know incase I change my photo options! :slight_smile: