Blockling CotLin

I’m knitting a vest from KnitPicks’ CotLin and believe it is going to require blocking. What is the best procedure to use? I’ve never blocked anything other than wool before. Thanks.

Why does it need blocking - to even out the sts? If that’s all it needs, first try washing according to it’s laundry instructions and see how it looks then. Often, that’s all that’s needed with any knit item.

I’m not sure cotton would hold a blocking like wool does. If you want though do like Sue suggests and wash it and lay it out. Cotton stretches out so it may need to be dried in the dryer for a little bit at least.

From my experience, cotton doesn’t block well, if at all. A good washing usually does the trick.

The pattern is the Prism Vest, which is knit from the bottom right corner to the top left corner in diagonal bands of squares, alternating a stockinette stitch square with a garter stitch square. Since it is knit diagonally, there are corners of the squares all across the bottom and up both sides of the front. These are tending to curl under, which is why I was thinking of blocking. I’ll try waashing and drying with the points pinned down, sorta like you do with lace, and see how that works. I’m nowhere close to finishing, but wanted to figure out my gameplan early. Thanks for the suggestions.

I’ve made towels with cot-lin. It does shrink a bit so beware before washing.
You can also iron it flat if needed.

Okay wash it, then lay flat to dry with it pinned, that may help. I don’t know if you’re going to put an edging on it, but that will help flatten the edges too.