I am going to knit the East Meets West bag from Knit Picks. I have never blocked my projects, as what I have knit hasn’t needed it in my opinion. Are there specific items you need to use to block? Thanks for any and all help!

Blocking is a way to “set” stitches with steam. Honestly, I don’t block often. Lace needs to be blocked to stretch the stitches. Wool is blocked to keep the shape. It really depends on the fiber & the pattern.

Generally, you buy blocking boards or foam. I’ve had okay luck using a towel & ironing board. What do the pieces look like?

This a link to a short article at Lucy Neatby’s site about blocking. She says she is trying to convert people to cold water blocking and that any mention of steam makes her wince. :slight_smile: LINK

Blocking is one of the few thing I have never played with. I wash, set the pieces in shape. And steam.

There may be better ways to do this. But I don’t know them. Although, I am open to learning new ways to set stitches.

I blocked my first project, you can see it here if you are a member of Ravelry
I used a piece of HEAVY poster board bought from Micheal’s and straight pins. (you can see that in the pic) I used a spray bottle bought from walmart and sprayed it down with cold water then pinned it out on the board. It was TERRIBLE because I couldnt set the board on the table I had to work with someone holding the board while I pinned it down. So I bought the blocking boards and the blocking wires from knitpicks. I LOVE THEM! the boards and the wires are only 20.00 each. They are well worth the investment if you are going to be blocking often. I am knitting a lace shawl right now and can’t wait to block again! Hope this helps!