Okay, so I’m a new knitter, and I’ve found info on blocking, but not what I’m looking for. I know to block my project before I seam it together, and how to block it.

My question is, once you block something, do you have to block it each time you wash it? Or can I just toss it in the dryer and it’ll be fine after the blocking? I used regular super saver red heart acrylic yarn, so it’s nothing fancy. But it took me 2 weeks to make this dress for my girl and I don’t want it ruined after the first time she wears it. Thanks for any help/advice you can give me.

For most acrylic yarn blocking is done by machine wash and dry. If you go through the trouble of pinning out the individual pieces of the garment and block them when you remove the pins the knitted piece will go back to the way it looked before you pinned it out. What ever you do, do not block acrylic with an iron. It kills the memory of the yarn and your knitted item will be come limp with the stitches looking flat. Same goes with putting it in the dryer, try not to let it get too hot or the same thing will happen.

If you’re using wool yarn, you don’t throw it in the dryer. But you can lay it out flat and let it air dry, you don’t need to pin it into size and shape. For acrylic or a washable blend, you don’t really need to block it at all, just put it through the washer and dryer, but take it out while not quite all the way dry.

Thanks for the replies! So the curling on the bottom of my dress will automatically go away when i wash and dry it? That’s awesome to know, since I regularly use acrylic yarn. Thanks so much!

Oops, well, no. . .this is how you’re going to fix the curling at the bottom issue: when anyone comments on the dress, say, “thank you, and isn’t that curling part at the bottom adorable? It’s my favorite part of the desing.” Because the only other solution is to start all over again. Or if you’re experienced enough, you could undo the cast on edge at the bottom, start to undo the bottom edge for a row or 2, get those sts on a needle and then knit (upside down) an edging.

Here’s the proble: it sounds as if the bottom edge is pure stockinette st, that is, purl one row, knit one row, from the very beginning. That will curl, no matter what you do, and since it’s acrylic, the minimal effect blocking has, won’t work (if it was wool, you could block the edge flat, but it would start curling up again, eventually). Did the pattern tell you to start at the bottom with stockinette st, but the photo shows it lying flat at the edge? If so, then they left something out of the instructions. What is the pattern, where did you find it?

I’m doing the cotton candy dress from I couldn’t get the triangle lace border to work for me, so I did a fishtail edge to get the same look. That’s the part that’s curling.

The dress is done practically in one piece and then seamed up, so I’m wondering (from reading around on here)… maybe it’ll uncurl when I seam it together? Or maybe I can crochet around the bottom edge? Thanks for the help!

Okay, you can ‘kill’ acrylic in lieu of blocking, though the seaming will help somewhat too. Then wash and dry it and see how much that helps. If not enough, then dampen the lower edge or put a damp towel over it and steam iron it. Pin it down if you want, that may help. What the heat does is make the yarn go a bit limp, but it is permanent.