So I just started working with wool yarns (patons SWS and Classic wool) and I haven’t done any blocking yet because I had questions. Is it necessary to block everything you do with animal fibers? I’ve made a scarf and a hat so far and I don’t know if I should block them. Neither are anything too terribly fancy. The scarf is just seed stitched and the hat is a plain beanie.

I guess what I am asking is whether or not there is any benefit from blocking this sort of project

For simple items like you have, there probably isn’t a need to block them. Lacy things need to be blocked to open up the sts, though I have a couple scarves I haven’t and I’m happy with how they look. Some people don’t block sweaters either. Part of blocking is to even out stitches which will happen when you wash the item. The other part is if they don’t quite fit and you need another inch or two.

Ok, thanks. I have always heard about blocking but I never really understood what the point was. It makes much more sense now