Blocking wool/superwash wool

Hello everyone. I have a beginner blocking question for you all. I understand the reason behind blocking and the process of blocking. My question pertains to when to block. Many patterns suggest blocking each piece before sewing them together, to make it easier for the stitches to match up, edges not to curl, etc. That makes sense. But once you wash the completed piece, does it go back to the original blocked size or the unblocked size? Then you have to block it again anyway, right? So why not wait until the end to block the whole thing? I appreciate learning from you all. Thanks!

I’ve found that once I block a sweater, it stays that way. After that I wash it and lay it flat to dry, maybe stretching and shaping a bit. I don’t block pieces, generally. Not because I know best, but rather that I’m lazy :shifty::shrug:.

Blocking tends to relax the stitches and even them out. They don’t go back to “newly knit” after it’s washed.

Some things, like lace, may need more care and attention.

Thanks! I’m lazy too! :slight_smile: And I figured that the sweater I made for my son is ok if I didn’t block in pieces. Well…I didn’t THINK to block them in pieces until AFTER I sewed it all together. :teehee: