Blocking with DB cashmerino

i am knitting my first sweater right now, and will soon be ready to block it - i have never blocked before, and i have perused with great interest many of the threads on blocking in this forum - i was hoping for some tips on blocking with this yarn specifically - it took a lot of yarn to make the sweater, and i would hate to do something foolish and ruin the sweater - has anyone used this yarn for sweater making before? also, the sweater has a garter stitch bottom edge to prevent the main ss stitched body from rolling, but the side edges of the front and back of the sweater are curling horribly - the pattern instructions just say to seam the front and back together after knitting, but it all that curling going to be a problem? should i block the pieces first, or is that not going to benefit me? please help, i am a little nervous about all this!

The curling will be taken care of after you seam it. I haven’t blocked Cashmerino, though. Isn’t it supposed to be machine washable?

I would block gently because I think a more even/less rolled piece would be easier to sew together evenly, and then block more strongly once done, but that’s JMO. I can’t think of a reason it wouldn’t block, as long as you take all the normal care that you would with any knitted item.