Blocking wires question

I asked KP this about their blocking wire set, but they sort of gave me a vague answer (first time for everything!) This is probably a silly question, but since I’ve never used blocking wires, I don’t get it. If you have a piece that’s, say, 72" in length and the blocking wires are 32-1/2 inches long, do you just overlap and use multiple wires? The KP instructions say to leave out several inches of the wires at each edge for pinning, so would it be like 3 inches of wire edge, 26 inches of wire through edge of fabric, 3 inches of wire edge, 3 inches of new wire edge overlapping last 3 inches of wire edge, 26 inches of wire through edge of fabric, etc. or is there another method for wire blocking long items or are pins better?


I use pins all the way down the wires … the wires keep the pinned parts straight. I use multiple wires for as long as my project is. I have KP blocking wires and have never “not had enough” for a project. 3/4 inch at the edge is plenty. You really don’t have to measure the wires or the project … just “weave” the wires in and pin.

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I love using blocking wires, especially for large projects like afghans.

However, I discovered some time ago that I could really get a bargain on them by going to a welding supply company and buying a tube of “tig wires” in the smallest diameter. They’re stainless steel so they won’t rust, 3’ long, have a flattened end for ease of threading the wire through the knitted piece and work like a charm. They come in a clear tube, about 30+ wires, and I paid under $16.00 for the whole lot. They also have spools of flexible stainless steel if you wanted to be able to shape curves when blocking.

At the same time I went on over to Lowe’s and got a package of those alphabet carpet squares, the kind they use for small rugs for kids. The 12" x 12" pieces snap together. They’re rubbery and thick and make a perfect surface for pinning things down. They, too, were under $17. This was about two years or more ago so the prices might have gone up but it would probably still be a wonderful bargain!

Good luck!


I bought some stainless steel wires at a crafts shop, the man there said “are you sure you want stainless steel? they are more expensive”. well, I don’t want rust on my knitting, so yes!
Bought 6 x 1m wires. Should suffice for most things. 2x2 for the sides, and 2x1 for top/bottom of scarves, or 3x2 for a triangular shawl… If you can picture it…