Blocking/washing question

Okay, I finished a shawl for a co-worker and I’m about to block it. But she asked me how the blocking will be affected (if at all) if she has to wash it… :thinking: Um, I dunno. So…that’s my question. I’m going to block it with steam (if that makes a difference). I was thinking maybe she should only wash with cold water, or only dry-clean it. But then again, maybe I’m completely ignorant to the fact that one has no effect whatsoever on the other. Aaaaahhhhh, thinking tooooo much here!

I think if it is washed in water, she’ll need to at least dry it flat and reshape it. If it’s dry cleaned it will probably hold the original blocking for a least a couple of cleanings.

Oh, thanks so much! She’s pretty excited about it. Oh, and I’ll get a pic of it up asap!