Blocking/Washing Question

I just finished knitting a modified version of the Irish Hiking Scarf with Cascade 220 Superwash. It looks like it needs to be blocked (ie. some parts laying flat, some fluffing up). Would this be fixed if I washed it in the washing machine or should I block it?

Thank you so much! You all are so knowledgeable!


You could wash it in cold water and then block it. You could also just soak it in water or mist it with a spray bottle then block it.

You just have to get it wet and block it - washing it won’t fix all the problems, it will have to be blocked.

Agreed. If you haven’t seen this by Ingrid, then you might not know what a difference blocking can make. I post the link to this thread all the time because I know that until I saw it, I didn’t believe in blocking.

Yeah but she’s using Superwash…so that might dampen the effects of blocking. Maybe if you did an aggressive wet block? Eunny’s blog has a good tutorial: Block Me, Amadeus