Blocking w/ iron, which yarns?


I’m trying to find out which yarns can touch an iron. I know acrylic is a big no no. 2nd question…if I [B]can’t[/B] put an iron directly on the knitted piece is it ok to put a sheet over it then iron it. Would acrylic melt if I do it that way? The internet hasn’t been much help.


I have ironed/blocked using a “polyester” setting on 51% cotton/49% acrylic blend-- TLC Cotton Plus…with no problems at all, just ironed directly. 100% Cotton, will of course block well with direct ironing. The heat is what melts acrylic so just putting a sheet over it might still melt it. I’d advise using steam only.

This page might be helpful (it is from Knitting Simple magazine):

this page may also be of use:


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You can use a damp towel over most knits, even acrylic, just don’t touch the heat to them, use the heat and damp to produce steam.

Yes, S. is right. I’ve always [read for the last 50 years] used a tea-towel [woven, no knap] that is dipped in water then wrung out and placed over the item for blocking. Use a steam iron, set on steam with water in it to actually produce steam - and voila!

I’ve used this on acrylics, wool, cotton, and blends. No problem… with one huge but: do not leave the iron setting in one spot; keep it in constant motion.

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I’ve used a pressing cloth when steaming/pressing acrylics. Worked fine. As Dot said, keep the iron moving.