Blocking the Booga

The pattern for the Booga Bag says to use a box to block it, but I’m having a hard time finding a box that fits. What has everybody here that’s made a Booga use to block their bag?

I’ve used boxes, but I have had to stuff trash bags in sometimes to make up for empty space. I’ve also used strange boxes, like Trivial Pursuit and things like that :wink:

I scrounged around too until I found the perfect box - I used the box from our ‘90’s Edition Trivial Pursuit’ game! :rofl: It was great cause it was metal and very sturdy, unlike a lot of cardboard type boxes. I think someone else used a Rubbermaid type container in an appropriate size.

:roflhard: :roflhard: Great minds think alike!!

I’ve been known to use several boxes of brownie mix :oo: I just wrap them well in trash bags or plastic grocery bags. My pantry is the closest thing to my laundry room! I’ve also blocked by JUST using plastic grocery bags - I just stuff as many in as I can.

I think I used an “oversize” shoe box in the past, like what boots come in, not one for cute little shoes.

What about a laundry detergent box (if you don’t use the liquid stuff)? Or even books covered in plastic bags.

:roflhard: :roflhard: Great minds think alike!![/quote]

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Wow, we must have posted at the same time, too! :thumbsup:



Once it was an old microsoft developers software box (proving that Microsoft could do something more than making your ctrl-alt-del keys feel more loved :wink: ) another time it was a few of my granfathers old cigar boxes. A powdered laundry soap box yet another time… even just a corrugated shipping box once

I always cover the box with a plastic bag and stretch the bag ever so slighty over the box.

I used the box that my canning supplies came in. I originally had a shoe box all prepared, but the box ended up to be too large. I have a pantry with a few empty boxes. I decided to keep them you never know when you will need them for blocking. :wink:

I usually go running around the house trying about every box i can find. I’ve read of people using cereal boxes, but I always make my boogas bigger than the pattern.

Luckily we keep all of the boxes that we get stuff shipped in (I love ordering things online) so i can usually find one that works well enough.

It takes some hunting though and then my DH complains about how everything that was in the closet is on the spare bed.

“I couldn’t find the right box…”

I used my Pictionary box.

I wrapped six Video cassettes in plastic and used those. Modular blocking!

These are all GREAT ideas!!! I finally wound up using an empty “Capri Sun” box (my kids saved the day!) wrapped in plastic, and I filled it out a little bit with more plastic bags bunched up. It’s almost done, but the i-cord is taking FOREVER!!! :hair: I’m going to a party on Saturday and wanted to show off my new fabulous knitted bag, but I may have to wait if the i-cord doesn’t get done by then.

This group is GREAT–I wouldn’t have had ONE IOTA of the “bravery” to try things like picking up stitches or cables or double-pointed needles if everybody here hadn’t been so kind and helpful, and of course, without Amy’s videos, it wouldn’t have been at all possible–thanks everybody!!! :hug:

I used a large box of dog biscuits, with a plastic bag over it.

Carmen, I had to laugh when I imagined me doing this, envisioning my two dogs knocking the Booga over and acting like sharks around a chum bucket, tearing apart the box to get to the dog biscuits! :roflhard: But I’ll bet it would’ve worked great for my Booga, if my kids had not have fed the dogs the rest of their treats!

A one pound box of pasta worked pretty well for mine.

I used a couple of books – I think I used ‘Programming Role Playing Games in DirectX’ and ‘3D Game Engine Programming’ – that were about the same size. :teehee:

I put them inside a plastic grocery bag, and then put those in the purse.