Blocking stockinette

I don’t often block, because I don’t often make wearable knits. However I am making a scarf with a stockinette portion, and that part is rolling in on the sides. Can that be blocked out, or will I be better of ripping and knitting something different?

Blocking can help a bit with stockinette but the stitch pattern has a very strong tendency to curl. You can never really get it to lie flat. A deep border of garter stitch or seed stitch on either side of the stockinette helps.
Are you knitting with wool or acrylic or something else?

This is the cashmere scarf you helped me with the mock cable on. I did 10" mock cable, then switched to stockinette, planning to match the cable on the other end. I guess I can rip it. Thanks Jerri

That’s too bad. Techknitter has a nice series on the problems with stockinette curl that might help in the future.

Sometimes people embrace the rolling aspect of a stockinette section as part of the design. Not sure whether this would be the case with your scarf.

Cashmere sounds lovely!