Blocking s wires

I don’t have flash blocking tools like wires or T-pins. I have dressmakers’ pins. That’s all. I don’t even know where I’d go to purchase those items in New Zealand.
Today I finished my endpaper mitts.

How would I block them? Could I use wire from the hardware shop? What if it bends? Or, God forfend, rusts! Could I use rulers? How many rulers do I have? Then I put them in to soak before I had figured out what I would do. INSPIRATION!
Scroll about 20% of the way down the page for the schematic. I blocked to this.
I have strange old needles in a biccie tin. I took some straight metal ones (many are wonky) and put them inside the mitts.
I drew two full-size schematics on graph paper. Put them on a folded towel
and covered them with Glad Wrap - you know, that plastic stuff you wrap food in. Transparent to see the lines and dries faster. I put pins between the needles holding them apart like blocking wires. GENIUS!

Pros: not surprisingly, I already had knitting needles. Very straight.

Cons: I believe blocking wires can bend for items with curved edges. And can thread through stitches without splitting or stretching. These can’t.

And plastic wrap is the perfect shape to dry scarves on quickly!
This is a proud day.

:cheering: :cheering: excellent and lovely lovely endpaper mitts!

Redwitch… i just followed that link, and is that your blog?

No no God no! Eunny’s blog, she is an amazing knitter, have you seen her stuff? Check out the free Bayerische pattern. Amazing to look at. And her Anemoi mittens, colourwork like the mitts. That was just a link to the endpaper mitts pattern, which I got from her blog. Mine are black and white. She has great tutorials on blocking, lace, and dyeing self-striping yarn, among other things. Possibly the best knitting blog ever.
Thanks Mulene but the pattern and all photos of FOs from it are not mine, alas. I’d buy a camera if I thought I wouldn’t end up spending even more time online.
Again to clarify: Eunny’s blog, Eunny’s mitts you see there, I was just linking to Eunny’s pattern, which I’ve completed and love. I’ll be careful about that in future when I link to patterns. Sorry about the confusion.
I was so flattered to read that though! I’m very disappointed that I couldn’t say ‘yes that’s my blog and my INSPIRED patterns’.


oh good, because i luuurrrvvveee those socks on her blog, and thought, hmmm… sock swap, and then thought, oh no, i might be sending them to you if your in the swap, and i wouldn’t want that, if they were already your socks :oops: