Blocking Recommendations?

I have a sweater made from 45% cotton and 55% acrylic. How would you recommend blocking the pieces? It is knit entirely in stock st except the bottom few rows are ribbed. It’s a bit smaller than I wished and would like to stretch it a bit while blocking. I don’t mind losing the elasticity in the ribbing. Would steam blocking be too harsh? Can I still get it to stretch using just wet spray?

I have never tried to steam block before, but since part of the yarn is made of acrylic…I would probably not try it. I have had good luck with wet blocking my projects. I haven’t tried it from a spray bottle before. I like to hand wash my projects in either wool wash or baby shampoo. But cotton could be pretty heavy if you totally submerge your sweater in water. It may grow more than you planned on. I would try the wet spray first.

thanks fargo!