Blocking question

I made some are warmers out of Caron Simply Soft, which is acrylic. Is there any reason to block them? Does this yarn block well???

Thanks for any help out there!

I’m no expert, but what I have read is that blocking helps to even out and improve the visual appearance of your stitches. Even though it is acrylic, there is usually still blocking or washing instructions on the label where you can figure out how to block it. I have noticed that with acrylic yarn mostly people seem to block by misting and not using heat. Hope that helps!

I’d just wash them. You can lay them out flat to dry, but I wouldn’t worry so much about pinning them out to shape them or anything.

Simply soft is an acrylic and doesn’t block like wool does. But if you wash and dry them (can be put in a machine and dryer), that will even out the sts very nicely, which is what blocking does.