Blocking Question

I am a beginner and have made a scarf for my daughter. I’ve read about “blocking” and wonder if this is something I need to do with the scarf before I give it to her? I used an Lion Brand Homespun. While I’m on the subject, should I machine wash the dishcloth’s I made (Peaches & Creme cotton yarn) before giving them away as well? Thanks for any advice for this gal who is looking forward to giving her first homemade, handknit gifts to loved ones this Christmas. They may not be perfect, but neither am I!:muah:

Hi Patti!

I wouldn’t wash the dishcloths that you made. It will affect their appearance and (IMHO) make them look used. Been there, done that.

If you decide to block the scarf…just lay it out on a flat surface, straighten out all the edges…maybe pin the edges a bit, and mist the tar out of it and leave til bone dry. That should do it!

Thanks for sharing your knitting experience! Got photos for us?

Homespun is acrylic and won’t `block’ like wool yarns will. You can however, machine wash and dry it which will even out the stitches which is the main purpose for blocking anyway. Yeah, why bother with dishcloths, though you could put them through the wash anyway to even out the stitches. Both fibers should be dried on low or only left in a little while.