Blocking Question

I’m just getting into making garmets…now I need to learn how to block!

As I was trying to block my sweater pieces last nite on my ironing board, I got to thinking…maybe there’s an easier way. I was trying to block it out, according to the measurements, and I kept having to un-pin and re-pin it.

Does anyone have some sort of “blocking board”, with maybe a grid, or someway of making sure you are ‘square’?

Just thought some of the brilliant knitting minds I’ve seen on this forum would have some fancy–smancy ideas!

Thanks in advance!

I just purchased a blocking board at the local craft store from the quilting section. It’s basically a piece of dense cork board with batting on it and cotton fabric with a grid on it. You could probably easily make one, but I was willing to purchase this one instead of going to different stores to get all of the materials at each location.

Which method of blocking are you using? Steam? Wet? What type of fiber are you working with?

I’m using 100% wool and I was just spraying it with a water bottle, so I guess wet?

Obviously I’ve not done this before! How does steam work…iron, I assume?

Thanks for your help :muah:

You use different blocking methods with different type materials. For wool, I usually block after wetting it completely. With acrylic, I have recently heard you can pin it down and place a wet cloth over it or steam it using an iron over the cloth. (Not on the knitted piece directly)

Don’t know if that information can help? I block using an ironing board for small pieces or a sheet on carpet for larger pieces. It would be nice to have a board like Clarkee described!

I recently purchased a blocking board, which incidentally is identical to the one I use for cutting out fabric. They are not cheap, but have used the one for sewing for years now so worth the cost. Only recently I blocked (for the first time in many years) a 100% wool sweater/jacket on the ‘new’ board, used a steam iron and a press-type cloth with the pieces pinned on grain to the lines of the blocking board. The result was great, the knit was finished looking and the pieces did not take all that long to dry completely before unpinning them. It is an investment but again I say well worth it. Oh, they fold in half so one can store it in the closet or underneath the bed, etc.

Where did you find it?

Hi, I bought one of those blocking boards a year ago with a 50% off coupon at JoAnns. (Mine is not a foldable one, but it is easily stored in a bin with other tools. It is a quilting/blocking board…but works for tapestry as well as wool hats. If you sign up for some of the “craft” and fabric stores…they will usually send you email and or snail mail coupons. This is how I usually buy things like blocking boards, cutting boards and expensive items. Anything that helps save me money so I can spend more on yarn or fabric is a good thing. I made do for years without one, but once I got a real blocking board…well I can’t live without it now.

When I’m knitting 100% wool, I like to wet block. Some people like to completely submerge the piece to get every fiber wet, then block it (press the excess water out with a towel; don’t wring it!). Others like to block it out and then spray it with cold water. Don’t block cables or ribs.

I haven’t found great success with steam blocking. I’m sure it works, but it hasn’t been my favorite.

I haven’t blocked anything acrylic, but I’ve read that using the block/spray method described above is useful. Synthetic fabrics don’t tend to hold up well to heat. Someone gave me acrylic potholders as a gift before I started knitting… you can only guess about the mess.

I’m sorry I haven’t been on the computer to answer your question,knit2Btied, until today. I found my blocking/sewing board at Guardian Custom Products, called a Sew-EZ Board. Currently they are on sale for $60.00k, plus s/h and the size is 51"x33". My total came to something like $78.00. They have a toll freee number also: 800-444-0778; however, I did order mine online. They are a little expensive but when I think HOW long I’ve had the original one, since the early '90’s - well worth the investment.

Reply to knit2Btied: I didn’t do something right - hope you find my answer to your question where I found the blocking board above…

I think I need computer lessons or another cup of coffee. My answer is somewhere around here re the blocking board. Excuse my haste in answering your question

I appreciate the answer, Wanda! Thank you.

I am blocking my first garment, made of silk and cotton. Seems you have some good experience with different fibers. Would you completely soak the garment, blot out the excess water and then block. Do you think the steaming method would work well. I have already assembled it and even sewn on the buttons. Sort of dumb when I think about it. PeainPA