Blocking Question

I have never blocked before – except for maybe a scarf. I seamed the shoulder, side and sleeve seams of a sweater I’m working on and am wondering if I should have blocked each piece first? I have all the pieces together now except for the attached hood. If I wait to block AFTER attaching the hood, I’m assuming it would make the blocking even more difficult. There were no instructions in the pattern stating when to block the piece. Did I jump the gun on seaming my pieces first? I’m just anxious to get the project finished and it was my first time seaming too, so I was looking forward to trying that out!

Some people block their pieces before seaming, others block after, it’s just a preference not a right or wrong way. Is the hood picked up and knitted on, or knit separately and sewn on? If it’s a separate piece, you could block both the sweater and hood, then sew them together. If it’s not, not sure what to tell you - I don’t block and there’s a lot of other people who don’t either.