Blocking question

Are there particular fibers that you shouldn’t block or that are pointless to block??

Acrylic doesn’t block. However, a wash and dry evens out the stitches; you could also just wash and lay out to dry, putting it into the shape/size you want.


thanks–I had cotton in mind…I have a couple of stitches that are somewhat stretched from where I went back and fixed a mistake–I was wondering if blocking would help to correct this a little…

I think cotton blocks, but here also a wash and dry will even out the stitches a lot.


cool–thanks! :slight_smile:

If they’re a bit loose, you could pull on the stitches to each side and take up almost all the slack, then the next ones, along, etc. This might even them up a bit more before the washing. But don’t get carried away if you do try it…


I would caution you that cotton can shrink, a LOT…
A simple “wash and dry” can ruin a project, depending on what it is we are talking about.
If it is a garment, and you want to wash it, perhaps handwashing would be a better idea. Then you could gently blot with a towel to get rid of excess water, and block it to dry on some towels.
If it is a washcloth we are talking about, throw it in the washer AND dryer, that’s what I do with mine…

I made a summer top out of Sugar and Cream and throw it in the washer and dryer. Comes out softer every time, no shrinkage.