Blocking question

I am making a scarf out of the Lions Brand Chunky Wool - every pattern and every size needle I have tried, its turning in on the sides. ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!! :grrr: I dont know what to do to stop it - so I’m wondering, after its done - if I block it, will it hold out and not curl in anymore? I’ve never really blocked anything before so I’m not sure how it all works and if it’s something that will last. Any help would be great because if this scarf is going to curl in, I’m just going to find something else to do with the yarn besides make a scarf!

Are you doing it in stockinette stitch? If so then the hints in this thread may help.
Is your stockinette curling?

Also…is the yarn Wool-ease chunky? If so then it’s mostly acrylic and won’t block anyway. Or at least not very well.

Thanks for the link.

I already am putting a garter stitch border on both sides and its still curling - and yes, I just looked and it is 80% acrylic - so I’m a little dumb on this stuff - I’m taking that to mean it wont block? Is this a useless project?

i’ve got a little blocking question of my own: does cotton block?


I think only natural fibers block very well. I’m not positive about cotton though.

How wide is the garter stitch border you are putting on it? Stockinette tends to be kind of flimsy. You may want to use a pattern wiht more substance for the scarf.

[color=blue]“Does cotton block?”[/color]… Well I don’t know the official answer…but I will tell you my own experience:

I knit two SpringTime 3/4 coats for my graddaughters last year using Elsebeth Lavold’s Cotton Patine. I ‘blocked’ the coats using the “damp towel/leave til bone dry” method…and they came out looking better than when they went under the towels! The blocking seemed to ‘set the stitches’ and the appearance of the knitting just looked more finished and polished.

A word of caution: lay the knitted pieces face down and apply the towels to the wrong side of the work, and make sure the towels are double rinsed…no laundry soap residue to compromise the cotton’s dyeset. Yes, I learned THAT the hard way. :pout: I think the dyes in Cotton Patine are more fragile or susceptible to ‘bleaching’ from soap residue. I would still block Cotton Patine the same method…but with towels that are used for ‘blocking only’…never washed with laundry detergents and rinsed twice.