Blocking question

I’ve knitted several items and have never been able to block them so that they look neater and less “homemade”. I use mostly acrylic. I’ve tried wetting them and pinning them down to dry but they still curl and don’t look any better. I bought a steamer and it did a pretty good job but spit water all over everything. They replaced it but the second one was even worse. Maybe that’s the nature of the beast! Any help would be appreciated!!

Acrylic doesn’t really block well most of the time as you discovered. I’ll share a link to see if it helps you, but I just toss the items in the washer and dryer myself. The link gives info that I’ve yet to try.

My steamer is just a cheapy and I have to hang stuff to use it which doesn’t usually work well with knits.

Thank you so much. Now I’m going to post the question of favorite steamers. I can’t afford a high end one so hopefully one of the smaller ones will do the trick. Again, thanks for your reply and link.

You can use a steam iron. I have a Shark steamer made for cleaning that I got cheap years ago. It does a nice job. I don’t block acrylics either. I’ll steam toys or other things I won’t wash to help the yarn “bloom”. Some things I’ll steam because it can help it to look better but any blocking that really is permanent would kill the acrylic, I think. I have a shawl I made that says to hand wash and dry flat. I doubt it’s necessary but this time I think I will. It is possible to kill acrylic with steam. I did it purposely on a swatch to compare just steaming and killing. I opted not to go for the kill.

Curling could be from stockinette and you’re not likely to get rid of that. You might get it to flatten out but as soon as the item is worn or used you’ll find the curl returning I expect.

Thank you, GrumpyGrandma! I appreciate your advice. I’ll also check out the Shark steamer.

My steamer is more than 10 years old. I don’t know about what’s out there now. I would go for what I could afford. I had a brand new garment steamer I picked up at a yard sale for $5. I gave it to my daughter. It wasn’t great for steaming yarny things.