Blocking Question and Poll!

Hi all,

There seems to be some debate as to the method of ‘wetting’ before blocking. Some swear by washing the item and then pinning it to dry, others mist the item with water and allow to dry. I am curious how many of you do what…

I just finished a Scarf out of Patons SWS (4 balls - big scarf! - I will post pictures later) and I want to block it. I am tempted to hand wash it with baby wash (cause it smells so nice and it is delicate) and then block it and let it dry… but I am wondering if I will get the same results from simply misting it (minus the nice baby smell)

Thanks for any suggestions!


it depends on the item for me. for lace I pin, mist & let dry. For heavier items like sweater peices and socks, I’ll wet them, pin them out & let dry.

I mist and pin. I keep meaning to wash before I block but for some reason when I’m done with something I just automatically mist.

Nadja xxx

I’ve always washed stuff before blocking. I wash and block my swatch before measuring gauge, so I figure I need to wash and block the finished piece before it looks like it is supposed to. Plus, it smells good then.

I usually wash the item and if the material allows for it I get it half dry in the drier. I have a new front loader machine with a hand wash cycle. So I put the item in a bag and run it through. So far it has worked well.

I keep meaning to swatch more delcated yarns and test them in the hand wash cycle, just to see how it works for those. Lately I’ve done lots cotton or Super wash wools so the machine works great.

I used to mist, but I’ve found that wetting seems to work better for me–seems to get better fiber memory. I can see how it would totally be too much for things like lace, though!

depends on yarn requirements, but i tend to lightly steam mine with the iron.

I must admit…I hardly ever block. I just spread the finised item out, and give it a tug where it needs shaping.

I don’t have a surface big enough, that isn’t easily accessible to my cats. The one time I blocked something, I caught Morty, one of my cats, picking out the pins with his teeth. I shudder when I think of what could have happened if I hadn’t happened to come into that room when I did. :help: