Blocking pins

I want to block my sweater before I sew it together. I plan on putting it on a wet towel pinning it to the towel then putting another wet towel on top. Is there such a thing as blocking pins or do you just use straight pins? If you use straight pins how do you put the towel on top? :??

You can use just straight pins but be sure you get something that is rust proof and long!

I’ve actually never put a towel on top of something to block it, I just pin the item to the floor on a towel and let it air dry.

Good luck!

Oh, I did not wet the last sweater I blocked. A friend told me to wash some towels and when they are done lay them flat, put your dry sweater on top and then put the rest of the wet towels on top. It worked great, because I had already sewn it together I just wanted to fix the armhole seam. It was a bit puffy and after doing it that way it laid flat. With this sweater I think I will do it your way. Wet it first and lay it on a towel. THanks.

No problem Candy!

I have found that washing it or soaking so the item is fully saturated helps work out the wonkyness in stitches. You can also use a spray bottle to mist it so it gets wet (that is how I block lace).

There are so many different was to block - I hope your sweater sleeve comes out okay!

I can’t find rustproof pins anywhere around here. I’d like to get some of those stainless steel T-pins and/or some big ball peen ones that won’t rust. I can’t find them anywhere.

The pins that I use are these from I’ve also seen these pins at JoAnn Fabrics.

Of course, ordering from Knit Picks means a good excuse to order other things!

I like these pins with the big heads - they do bend, but I’m pretty hard on my pins when I block.

I hope you can find some soon!