Blocking pad--FYI

I had to block my Noro Scarf recently and had no pads to use. Fortunately I had an old camping pad made out of foam (the kind you use under a sleeping bag). It can be seen in the picture below with scarf pinned to it. I just thought I would let you know that it worked brilliantly to pin and block the scarf. And it is a cheap investment for all of you scarf knitters. They can be purchased in the camping supply aisle of Wal-mart for about $6.00. (That was the price when I bought it a few years back to use for doing sit-ups and the like.) So if you are in need of something to block on, and don’t want to invest a great deal of money, try the camping pad from Wal-Mart. Works great for scarves and narrow stoles. You may need 2 or more for a shawl.

Great tip! And what a beautiful scarf!

I didnt know blocking pads existed and was recently thinking about what I would use or do to block a blanket I’m making in stockinette. Thanks for the info. I think I’ll do that. Its got to be cheaper than using a fabric bulletin board!

what dose it mean to block a patteren?

Blocking a pattern helps set it.

When you finish a project, it has all the oils and dirt from your hands (even when they are clean), so washing or soaking it is always a good thing.

Wool will always go back to the shape it first dried in. So…if a project drys in a crumpled heap, it will remember the crumpled heap shape every time it dries after being washed.

Blocking it involves laying (and sometimes pinning) the project out in its intended shape. It will dry flat and remember that flat nice shape the next time it dries.

With lace projects, blocking makes a significant difference. It opens up the eyelets and makes the project come alive.

It doesn’t hurt to block acrylic projects either. Acrylic was advertised once to not have to be blocked, but it won’t hurt the project to give it the last step of blocking. I believe there have been debates here on KH about the need or not to block acrylic.

Hope that helps

Great idea!

I have used those giant foam puzzle pieces they have for kids to play on. They’re cheap too and you can buy as many pieces you need to make it longer or fatter or any shape you may need!