Blocking my knitted Afghan

I finished a baby afghan and it is really loose. Can I shrink it without damaging the yarn?

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It depends on the type yarn you’re using. Can you give us the brand, the yarn name and fiber content?
Actually, a baby blanket that’s a bit large isn’t such a problem. It’s still nice for a small baby and they grow so fast that it’s likely to be perfect in a year.

The yarn is Knit Picks Swish 100% superwash merino wool. I have not blocked it yet. The pattern is supposed to be wonky like that. It is supposed to be good for a baby’s developing eyesight.

I’ve made this pattern, too. Try washing it, spinning out the excess water in the washing machine and pinning out to size on a towel or even a rug. I wouldn’t try shrinking it in any way. Just follow the ballband directions for washing. It looks fabulous!