Blocking Mats

What blocking mats are best or what alternatives are there? I am about half way finished with my sweater…using 100% Galway wool from Plymouth Yarn. I will probably need to block when finished.

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I saw some alphabet tiles at my local Sam’s Club that are made out of the same stuff my blocking mats I bought from Knitpicks. They are tiles that lock together to make a floor mat several feet long and wide. I didn’t look at the price of them since I already have blocking mats. So try your local Sam’s or Costco club or google rubber alphabet tiles.
Try this link to see what I am talking about:

Thanks for your help…[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]How do you like the ones you have form Knitpicks?[/COLOR] I will probably go with the ones from Knitpicks. The other ones (for children) were $90.00 Wow! I really like the fact that you can take them apart because I don’t have much room…so this would work great for me’ :hug:

PS. My daughter just called from Costco and she saw some of the alphabet squares there for $12.00 or $13.00 so will check them out tomorrow. Thanks again!

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I really like mine. I will be using them in a few weeks to block the shawl I am going to make for my DIL.

I have the KnitPicks ones and I love them! I bought two sets so I can use them for larger projects, too.

I didn’t even look at the ones at Costco today.
Definitely going to order the ones from Knitpicks. Can’t decide yet if I want 1 or 2 sets…Jan you bring up a great point. I am so glad you both like yours, really helped me make up my mind. Thanks so much! :hug:

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One set wasn’t long enough for a scarf which is why I got two, but I can see that two is necessary for a lot of things.

Jan… I just ordered 2 from KnitPicks. That sounded like a good idea to me so I did some measuring and thinking and decided on 2.

Thank you again! :hug:

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