Blocking line has been taken over

My youngest was outside playing in our small intex pool (it’s 105F here today) and noticed a bird nest. A very, very small bird nest. After googling it appears to be a humming bird nest which makes sense as we have a lot of humming birds that visit our yard. Unfortunately, the nest is in the middle of the laundry line (between some clothes pins) that I use to help block my knitting! Guess I won’t be using it for that for awhile :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s awesome! Well worth the wait. I have hummingbirds, but I’ve yet to see a nest. A little jealous here…

Have taken a bunch of photos and will get 'em up tomorrow. So far I see 3 little beaks in the teeny weenie nest. We have high winds forecast for the next few days so we’re all worried about what will happen to 'em :frowning: I have no idea how one would care for baby humming birds or if a local shelter would take them. What a terrible, terrible place to put the nest :S

:pout: fingers crossed for the babies!

Oh, do post the photos if you can. I hope the winds don’t cause a problem but I trust the hummingbirds’ experience at nest building. I see a few here but not as many as on the west coast. You must have a very hospitable yard!

That’s neat! I sure hope their nest holds, but if it doesn’t, you might be able to find someone who cares for wildlife by contacting your local game warden, a vet, or your state’s wildlife department. Often people who specialize in rehabilitating and releasing wild animals do so on a volunteer basis, so finding them can be tricky.

I sure hope these little guys don’t need to be rescued, but if they do, I would recommend having a plan in place so you can get them help pronto!!! At the very least, you might have a phone number handy so you can call and ASK somebody what you should do (if anything).