Blocking LB Homespun Shawl

Should I do it? Can I?

I’m knitting a shawl for my mom out of some Lion Brand Homespun that I’m trying to use up. She saw the blanket that I had started with it and really liked the colors. (Tudor – it’s multicolor.)

I chose a Lion Brand Pattern where the recommended yarn is Homespun. However, on the needles, the shawl doesn’t look anything like the picture on the Lion Brand Yarn site (Easy Triangle Shawl).

Mine looks a lot lumpier and the holes are less defined. Is this because it is still on the needles? Will it still be lumpy when it’s finished, washed, and dried flat? Or should I try blocking it with pins for a better first impression?

I can’t wait until the shawl is finished because if I order from Knit Picks it will be a couple of weeks before I see the blocking mats and Christmas is not very far away!

I looked on Ravelry, but I don’t know if those shawls were blocked or if they just look that way naturally. I thought I’d check here and see if anyone who has experience with this yarn could tell me.


You can try blocking it, but it’s acrylic so I don’t know if it’ll hold the blocking. I bet it’s soft and cuddly!

Are you using the same size needle? Part of the lack of definition may be because it’s squished on the needles.

ETA: I found some threads about blocking it on Rav. Make sure you read it all because it mentions killing/maiming it because it’s acrylic.

Just wash and dry it and that should even out the lumps. The yarn should relax a little and that will help.

I made pharose shaws from lb homspun for all the women on my christmas list last year. I just washed and dried and it worked out fine. Homespun yarn wont benefit from a blocking. I dont think i would waste my time on it.
If your in doubt tho…do what I did when I had the very same feelings you did when was doing the first one. Put it on waste yarn long enough to lay it out and see what its gonna do. I think you will find it will be fine.

Good luck!! post pics of the FO!!

Thanks everyone! :thumbsup: I have only made one other project with this yarn – a gift afghan – and I’m using up the leftover yarn for this project. I just didn’t know what to expect.

I looked at it again last night and it is not as lumpy as I thought it was except for the few rows closest to my needle. It looks like it is already settling. I’m glad to hear that washing and drying will be enough.

I don’t have much left to do – I counted last night and I have one last repeat and the edge – so I’m going to just plug away and see what happens. Thanks for the suggestion to take it off the needles and spread it out – I’ll remember that for future projects.

For those following, blocking turned into a non-issue. :slight_smile:

I finished the shawl at my mom’s house last night, and when I held it up to see what it looked like, she said, “Is it done? Can I see it?” And then she kept it! :shock: :lol:

I forgot to take a picture of it; I’ll have to try the next time I go over there, but she wanted it for church so it’s likely I’ll never see it again and if I don’t see it, I won’t remember to take a picture of it!

She did model it for me and it draped wonderfully and all the lacy bits looked fine fresh off the needles. It doesn’t look as flat as in the picture above, but considering how much I paid for those bumps :teehee: I’d rather it be a bit bumpy. :wink:

With an acrylic yarn like homespun you really can’t block it like wool without making it flat and limp. Once she washes it the bumps should smooth out and it’ll be just fine.

AWSOME!!! im glad to hear you finished it…ill tell ya, if mom thinks its wonderful, than id say…no worries!!:yay:

id like to see a pic tho :pout:

its ALWAYS good to have a happy mom!! :thumbsup: