Blocking Knitpicks Comfy Worsted

I just finished knitting my son’s baby blanket and it looks amazing. I am going to be washing and drying it tomorrow.

It is a striped blanket and I changed colours always on the same side, so that side is naturally thicker/bulkier from weaving in ends and holding the yarn double for a couple stitches while switching colours.

I do not mind the extra thickness, but RIGHT on the edge where the stripes meet the border it is a little bunchy. If I was using only cotton I would just iron over it. But Comfy yarn is 25% acrylic and 75% cotton so don’t think I can do that.

Any suggestions on how I can help reduce the bunchiness? Maybe blocking it with blocking wires and spraying it damp and just let it sit for a day to loosen up the stitches, and/or placing a towel over it and pressing gently with the iron?

I’ve only blocked 3 things before and that was a couple years ago and were either wool or cotton, not an acrylic blend, so not sure if I can do anything or not.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Ususally washing and drying will help things like that and it’s all the blocking you’ll need to do.

Thanks, it came out of the dryer beautiful but the one edge is still a bit bunchy. It’s not ruining it or anything but I wish I could fix it.

Wish it was all just cotton so I could take an iron to it and flatten it right up. Oh well.

I think you could iron the bunchyness out, using a press cloth. If it doesn’t work, you can just wet it and fluff it up again. I LOVE KP Comfy … especially the bulky weight, so soft !

Well, not iron it the way you would clothes. Use a damp cloth and don’t actually press the iron down on it. Piin it out first.