Blocking in 3 Dimensions?

Hi All, been a long time since I’ve needed your advice (not because I’m so great, but because I’ve been too busy to knit) and I’ve been working on this pattern. Lovely little tulip cowl that I need to keep my neck warm when I’m on my bike. Problem is, I was halfway through when I suddenly dawned on my dim bulb that I was going to have to block this thing. But it’s round and stands up… OK.

So I ask my engineer husband who went all Rube Goldberg on me and I thought to myself, I’m going to ask the folks at Knitting Help, they always know the answers. Here I am, begging for your knowledge.

How do you block lace that is basically 3 dimensional?

I have blocked smaller items knit in the round by stuffing them with terrycloth towels.

That was the BEST idea. It required about 4 bathtowels rolled together to get the desired “girth” but it was perfect for my purposes. My project is now in the laundryroom conforming to the desired shape.

Thanks so much for the quick answer. I was binding off when you answered.:woot:

This was the perfect solution! Now I feel like a real idiot for not having thought of it.

That’s beautiful, Angela. So glad someone had a quick, timely solution for you.

Have fun wearing your new cowl!

I love it. Gorgeous color and delicate lace pattern. Seriously well done!