Blocking Homespun?

I am knitting a quick K2P2 rib scarf out of Homespun for my step-daughter, and since I haven’t used it for this type of project before, I am wondering how well it blocks. I was planning on just pinning it out and soaking it with a spray bottle. I’d like to get the ribs to “stretch out” a bit so it’s a little wider. Do you think that would work?


Homespun is acrylic and it won’t block. The best thing to do with it is toss it in the washer and dryer. If you want you can take it out before it’s completely dry and lay it out. Don’t know if that last will help any, but it’s worth a try.

Fuggedaboudit… Acrylic doesn’t block. Run it through the washing machine then lay out to dry; that will even out the stitches and may stretch them out a little.

I kind of suspected as much. Thanks you two!

I love the Homespun! How did it turn out, other than not as wide as you’d like.

What size needle and how many stitches…if I try it I may want to add to the c/o.


Hey Pam,

I haven’t finished it yet, but I’ll try to put up a picture on Ravelry when it’s finished (my digital camera is acting up, but I’m going to get a new one soon).

In the meantime, I am just doing a K2P2 rib…

I cast on 22 stitches on a size 10 1/2 needle, and I will probably make it about five feet long. I will probably be done soon because it knits up so quickly.

The colorway I am using is this one, although it’s not as dark as it looks in the picture. I’ve been working on a stranded colorwork hat that is driving me crazy, so this is a nice change–something simple. :slight_smile: