Blocking Help

I am about to finish knitting my Big Bad Baby Blanket using Cascade 220 Superwash. I have never blocked anything before, and I’m pretty nervous about blocking this. Someone suggested I simply wash and dry per the instructions on the yarn instead of blocking. I’m hoping to flatten the blanket out a bit (it’s a bit wonky where it switches from knit stitches to purl stitches). I appreciate any thoughts/suggestions/help with this. Thanks!

Just wash and dry it, that will even out all the stitches well enough. Not everything has to be blocked, as in stretching out the item.

I would block it. You don’t need to let it be a big pain though. You could use the idea from this gal about blocking LINK
But you don’t even have to carry it that far. You could lay it out on a bed or on a sheet on the floor or rug if you can do that without pets or people walking on it. Spray it and pat on it urging it into position just with your hands. Pinning it is nice, but you may not really need that. Sometimes I use butter knives, and lay them along the damp edge if it wants to curl or something.

Or you could even try both ways. Wash and dry as given on the yarn and see how it looks if you think it needs more try laying it out and flattening it with your hands.

I block things by pinning them out straight on the ironing board (the fabric holds the pins well enough and its kid and pet safe), then spraying liberally with cold water from one of those plant misters. Just leave it until its thoroughly dry. Sometimes I put a dry tea-towel on top to stop it drying out too quick.

If the ironing board isn’t big enough, just do the top half, then the bottom. Just spray where it is pinned.

It does straighten things out nicely, and the yarn seems to have a ‘memory’, it’ll return to that nice straight shape next time you wash it and lay it flat.