Blocking - HELP

I have read the various articles on blocking and am still confused. what is the best way to do this? should i just use a spray bottle & an iron?

I am really lost here.

It really depends on what you’re blocking. I blocked a simple alpaca shawl last night and all I did was get it wet (dunked it in a bowl of water), then spread it out on my towel covered ironing board and pinned it down in the correct shape. Dry, it looked barely big enough to fit around the shoulders of a young child. Once it got wet, it was big enough to wrap around my DH’s shoulders.

Complex lace is obviously more involved to block.

. . . . and blocking isn’t always necessary. Acrylics won’t block, so don’t bother trying–a trip through the washer and dryer often evens out any stitches.

I should have included what i was making, i am a bit silly!

It is a sweater. the yarn is 90% wool & 10% viscose. The pattern states to block pieces prior to finishing. I am just not sure what the easiest method is.

In that case, if you want to block the pieces beforehand, I’d soak them in some lukewarm water with a tiny bit of woolwash if you have it. Then roll the pieces in some towels and get out as much moisture as you can–stepping on the towels works.

Then lay it out flat to the measurements the pieces should be, pinning if they don’t look like they want to stay put.

And from personal experience–keep the cats out.:teehee: