Blocking Help

How do I block a sweater I’ve made. It is a baby sweater and the bottom is rolling a little. My friend told me I can “block” it, but she didn’t say how.

Thank you!!!

There’s a good tutorial here:

There are lots of ways to block a piece and some depend on the type of yarn you are using. Generally, I’m I have good luck with simply pinning and steaming (with the steam setting on my iron) the piece, then letting it sit until it is totally dry. With wool and wool blends I actually apply direct heat. Novely yarns I cover with a press cloth to protect them.

If the sweater still rolls after blocking, you can pick up stitches along the bottom, and knit a hem. Just pick up one stitch in each stitch with the work facing you, knit or purl a row (for stockinette stitch facing out), and then decrease 1 stitch out of ten in the following row (work 8 stitches, k2tog, repeat). Then knit plain stockinette for an inch or so, and sew it stitch for stitch to the purl loops on the inside of the sweater. The baby bees sweater I have on the patterns page was edged this way along the bottom. It’s also a fun opportunity to knit a hidden design, like the child’s name, into the hem, like Elizabeth Zimmerman used to do. Just chart out the letters on graph paper. Fun!