Blocking Hats?

What is the best way to block a beret without stretching it too much? I’ve read a dinner plate works, but are there any other forms anyone has used?

Also wonder how best to block a chulo. How to get the head formed, as well as flatten the earflaps.

Thanks to anyone who can help me.


Hmm… I’m not sure either. I’ve never seen that question here either. :think:

Thanks Jan. It’s been difficult to knit hats (particularly berets & chullos) to fit… I’ll continue to try various methods of blocking, and if/when I come up with a winner – I’ll share it. Happy knitting!

I use a “head form” that I purchased from a wig store for $5.00. I think it would work for the head of the chulo, when that is dry, you could block the ear flaps “flat”. I use a 15" round styrafoam ball with a pantyhose leg over it for blocking baby hats.
Would it work to cut the size circle for your beret from plastic canvas, then cover that with wool felt … you might even be able to knit a wool cover for the plastic canvas, then hand felt it "tight.

Thank you Debbie – so much – for your suggestions!! I will put them to use… Right now I’m finishing up on a shawl, but next on list is a beret for my mother. I’ll let you know how the blocking goes. Thanks again…