Blocking Hats

Hello Everyone!!!
My name is Mary and I am from Texas… I am new to the forum and excited about the all of the information that is available. I have a quick question. I have knitted off and on for years and have never blocked anything…I just printed out some information on how to block etc…
I have been knitting some hats and scarfs and was wondering if it is really necessary to block these small items…
Thanks for any assistance…
Mary T :XX:

Welcome Mary! I’m glad you found us.

First off–if your hats and scarves are acrylic, they won’t really block anyway, so there’s no point.

If they’re of another fiber, only block if you think they’ll look better. I’ve only blocked one scarf in my life–because there was patterned knitting in it and it was a little scrunched. Otherwise I wouldn’t bother. Hats get stretched over a head, so I don’t think I’d ever bother there.


I was happy to hear that I didnt have to block hats or scarfs…I appreciate the information.

Mary T :cheering: