Blocking discovery

they’re expensive, but if this is the first towel you wrap things in (after washing, before spreading out) they can take half as long to dry!

so cool I had to share.

mine is flat, I don’t know why this one is all textured.

I’ve been using those for my hair for years, but it never occurred to me to use them for anything else. Great idea! What I usually do is to put the wet items in a sweater bag and then let them spin dry in the washing machine for a few secs – sucks the water right out.

do you have your own (lucky!) or have you figured out a way to get pay ones to go straight to that cycle?
someday I will have that dryer where the clothes sit on little shelves and nothing bad could ever happen to them :pray:, but all the laundry machines in my apt. bldg. are vicious…

DUH on the microfiber towel idea. I never thought of that either. Great idea!

I spin things in the washer too but if you don’t have your own, a large salad spinner will fling out the extra water too. Not so useful for a full sweater (unless you wear an xtra small!), but it’s great for small objects like socks, scarves, hats, etc.

You can wrap a sweater in a towel by laying the towel out flat, laying the sweater on top of it, and roll them both up like a log. Then put it on the floor and step on it to squeeze out extra water.

I’ll have to try the stomping too. That sounds fun.
I can get really impatient.