Blocking difference

I just wanted to put this in here because this sweater showed such a remarkable difference before and after blocking. I know the lighting is different, but the unblocked piece in the sun really shows how lumpy it was. It was smoothed out as much as it could be with my hand. The blocked was just laid down on the deck and photographed.

Your sweater is BEAUTIFUL!!! I notice a huge difference after blocking … even cotton wash cloths!

Thank you! I was so hoping that blocking would flatten it out that I had to take a pic so if it didn’t get really smooth I could at least see the difference. I see a difference in the other sweaters I blocked, but not enough to really see a difference in a picture. More of an evenness in the stitching and a bit of blooming of the yarn that shows the colors better, as well as sizing.

Wow ingrid… You are definately one of the Queen of Color!!! :cheering:

I always wanted to be a Queen! Thanks. :smiley:

Ingrid, that is GORGEOUS!!! What an amazing difference it makes!! For you or a gift?

It’s for me :smiley: I bought the pattern a while ago and I just loved the colors. Any time I ask my kids if they want a sweater, they don’t pick anything I want to make. My oldest picked out a hooded sweater that was almost entirely seed stitch :shock: . No way, no how.

I might make my oldest a Fair Isle out of something that will be easy care. I’m going to ask her to look through the books when she comes for a visit in October. But since she lives in NC, heavy sweaters aren’t really a necessity as much as they are here.

NC had more snow than MD last year. She might get some good use out of a nice sweater. What area of NC? I have family near Rocky Mount.

She was in Chapel Hill, and recently moved to Charleston.

WOW…thanks for posting that before & after, Ingy! Good lesson!

That’s gorgeous Ingrid! And what a difference after blocking.

Gotta add my Kudos to you Queen Ingrid–such a regal name, after all! :wink: The sweater is amazing and beautiful . Would you have to knit the sweater in a heavy wool for your daughter, could it be a blend that might be a bit cooler and lighter? I can’t wear all wool sweaters that scartcha nd itch so much, so I’d have to look for a soft one, too> in case you were thinking of knitting ME one! :smiley:

I’ll put you on the list! The wool I used in this sweater is dk weight, superwash. It’s quite soft, though I’ll wear something under it anyway so I won’t have to wash it as often. I have a lot of cotton, so I was actually just thinking that a cotton pullover might be something she would like. She’s coming to visit in a few weeks, so I’ll see what she might me interested in.

She’s been knitting quite a bit herself lately, so maybe I’ll just give her some yarn to take home with her. Then she can make whatever she wants and I can keep my stuff. How selfish is that? :rollseyes:

:notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:
that is just beautiful!!!

Thanks! :blush:

beautiful sweater, very very cool. The blocking was a wonderful tutorial for me. Does everything knitted get blocked? I am a little unclear on this subject.

Ingrid, I agree…what a great lesson. I pledge to block my natural fibers from now on!!

I don’t block acrylics or blends. Wool and lace definitely need to be blocked. Some people block everything, though.

wow that is so pretty and what a difference thank you for posting that… I always wonder when ya block and when ya don’t have too… very good better than good AWESOME :cheering: :cheering:


I was nervous the first time I put a wool sweater in water to block it. I was afraid it would fall apart or something. I always steamed and stretched them. Now I know they’re not so fragile.

I have two Fair Isles that I made from Encore. Those I just wash and put in the dryer. They come put beautifully. I can’t get past the beauty of the wool colors, though.