Blocking cashmere?

I’ve finally finished this scarf I’ve been working on for a hundred years (well, I guess it wasn’t quite that long, but with alternating blocks of 1 x 1 rib and moss stitch and then a seed stitch border, it sure felt like it!).

Anyway, I need to block it and am wondering if the complete soak method is the way to go or just a spritz and block? I checked out Knitty’s article as well as scanned around the net, but I guess I’m really looking for some personal experience.

Any thoughts?

Well I wet block everything anyway, so I can’t say which is best. But wet blocking is fine so long as you’re very gentle with it. Cashmere will bloom a bit during wet blocking (that is become fluffier and fuzzier). If you don’t want it to bloom so much, maybe spritzing is better. I personally like the bloom though. :slight_smile: