Blocking Boards

Hi everyone!
I’m wondeing what you long time knitters think of blocking boards…do you find them useful and worth the cost? Which ones would you recommend purchasing?

If you don’t use a blocking board what other ways have you found useful to block sweaters or other knitted projects?


I don’t have a blocking board; although, I did consider getting one. But money is an issue with me, so a blocking board has never made it to the top of the priority list ;). Instead, I use either an ironing board, the floor, or the “coffee” table. Either way, I pad the surface with a towel and proceed with the blocking.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was thinking about the ironing board but the sweater is bigger than the board. Do you used pins to hold down your project?

That depends on the pattern. If the pattern strinks (or rolls, etc) a lot, then I pin it (with rust proof pins). If no shrinkage (or rolling, etc), then I don’t pin it. I also put a towel or pillow (depending on the pattern) on top of the pinned work. If it’s stockinette, I normall put a pillow on top of it too. But if it’s cable, I put a towel so as not to flatten the cable out of form.

Anyhoo - for sweaters, I use the floor or “coffee” table if it can fit. Or I block each piece to measurement separately on the ironing board. Then seam the pieces together. Of course this only works if the pattern gives you the measurements of each individual piece and if the sweater is even made in pieces :wink:

Thanks for sharing Ekgheiy…I appreciate it!

I don’t use a blocking board. I actually just pin my stuff to a clean section of my loopy-carpeting!

I should mention that I’m by no means an expert at blocking. It’s my biggest weak point, actually. I’m notoriously lazy about doing it at all, and I haven’t refined it to an art by any means!


blocking… I have never block one thing. A pattern in a book said that i most iron the capelet at the end. And I did. The result was that the yarn sort of blend and got … softer and heavier. It was nice.

But i have never block anything with a towel. The towel is suppossed to be wel in hot water? I just have to lay the towel over the knitting? I really dont understand the process. :??

I don’t know about a board, but some blocking wire would be really helpful with scarves. Although you could just use yarn for that too, see HERE