Blocking Benjamin

A birthday sweater for a dear 7 year old grandson

That looks great!

Very nice knitting! BTW: your new avatar is spectacular!

aaaaawwwwwwww! Thank you!

Very nice birthday present. I really like the color.

What a lucky boy! Do let us know his reaction…

Will do! Party is this afternoon! I’ll bring my camera!

a happy Ben in his new sweater! Fits him PERFECTLY!

and I’m a happy mamaw!

Great job!! It looks perfect on him! Love the color too!

He is a cutey, wow!

Sweater looks great on him, also, good work!

Thank you! we think he’s a keeper, too! :roflhard:

Beautiful Sweater Moni! He looks so happy in it too :slight_smile:

He’s so cute! And great work on the sweater…I LOVE that color.