Blocking and loose ends?

I have just finished my first sweater(YAY!) and I am planning to wet block it and wash & rinse it, it is a wool sweater. I am just wondering a couple of things:

1.) The sweater was made in the round and the only finishing I have to do is at the armpits using a kitchener stitch, do I join this before or after I block?

2.) Do you weave in the loose ends before you do the blocking or after it has been blocked?

Thanks for any help or ideas, I would like to learn the right way that people have found and stick to it for future sweaters. I read the article on blocking linked to the KH website, but it doesn’t mention loose ends or joining for items done in the round.

Weaving in of ends i would do before blocking. When you block it ‘sets’ the stitches so you may as well ‘set’ the loose stitches in place.

As for joining the sleeves, since this requires a kitchener stitch, you will have to do it before blocking, again because of setting the stitches, it sounds as if the sleeves are partially attached so you will want it to be all joined so that it is being blocked into its final shape all together.