Blocking advice

How do you determine whether or not you should block a FO? Should I just try it out on my swatch? Do you have any determining factors?

I block everything I knit! Wools, wool blends, cottons, and even acrylics and acrylic blends.

Hand-Knitting is not perfect. But if you block for FO’s…your stitches will get as close to perfection as possible. Believe me on this!

Also, if your knitting has seams…block your pieces [I]before [/I]seaming…and then [I]block your seams[/I] after everything is sewn together!

Get into this good habit now. You’ll never have to look back on the quality of your knitting and blush. :oops:

PS: And I am very happy to hear you say “SWATCH”. That is another good habit to have! SWATCH! And yes, you could block your swatch…just to see how much nicer your pattern stitch looks after blocking. However, I rarely block a swatch these days. But I save my swatches! Take them along when shopping for buttons. Some ladies give them to their granddaughters for little doll blankets.

thank you, ArtLady. I was blocking my FOs when the pattern called for it. Lately, though, I’ve been wondering – I never use the yarn that’s called for! It seemed very mysterious… Like you had to be part of a club to get all the info! Ha! Ha!

Me neither. I rarely use the yarn called for in the pattern either!

I don’t think many knitters do, from what I’ve seen!

That’s what makes the wonderful world of knitting go around!
All the diversity!

Oh what a diversity. Every work looks different in a different yarn, even a different color.

I never use the yarn called for in a pattern, except if, by chance, I have it at hand.

I also block everything I knit (except if it’s acrylic), which resumes itself to scarves mostly. A few other things, but nothing big yet.

Swatches are a good way to find out how much better your work will look after blocking, but I’ve never done a swatch :smiley: