Blocking acrylics?

[color=indigo]Hey ya’ll I’m making a ribbbed scarf for my boyfriend and its cinching inwards so I was wondering if i can block it. The y arn is lb wOOL ease thick and quick. mostly acrylic and some wool. and if so, how? Thanks![/color]

If you really don’t like it the way it is, you could dampen it and pin it in place and let it dry. Or pin it in place and lay a wet towel over it until it’s all dry. It probably would retain that shape for a while, depending on how much pressure is being put on the knitting by the ribbing.

Just my two cents…
I recently finished an acrylic sweater, and I had read all kinds of mixed reviews about blocking acrylic yarn. I tried blocking the pieces (just by dampening and pinning), but it didn’t help much. Of course, it turned out okay after I seamed it. As for your scarf, I don’t know. Maybe with some wool in it, the wet blocking will work for you. I have read about some people blocking very lightly with steam on acrylic, but I’m not sure I would want to try it. :thinking: Good luck!

ok, Thanks ya’ll!!!