Blocking acrylic-- is it worth it?

Hi. I just finished a crochet scarf with Vanna’s Choice yarn, which is 100 % acrylic. When I lay it out flat, it looks even. But when I try it on, it bows in a tiny bit towards the chain edge (even though I tried to crochet really, really loosely). I was wondering if blocking would help and, more importantly, whether blocking works with acrylic. I’ve blocked acrylic blends before and have been pleased with the results. I usually just wet the item, gently blot the water out with a towel, and then lay it out to dry. This is a gift so I want it to be perfect. Any advice would be appreciated!!

Acrylic doesn’t block quite like even the blends will. You can steam the edge (don’t touch an iron to it) and stretch it to see if that will help.

Thanks Suzeeq!! This was a great suggestion. I held my iron over the chain edge while it was on the steam setting. Then I pulled the chain edge in opposite directions and let it sit for a bit. Worked like a charm!!