Blocking a Stole?

I just finished making a stole from a Gita Maria kit I got a Madrona. It has 5 rows of different yarns. All of them would be considered fun yarns. 2 of them are fun fur, there is a boucle type, another has little knobby’s of yarn on it, and one is a ribbon. I will block it tomorrow night. The 2 questions I have are:

  1. Do I weave in the ends first or wait till after blocking.

2 Add a fringe before or after blocking?

I have never made something like this before that needed to be blocked.


I’ve never blocked fun yarns only wool. I guess you should go ahead and weave the ends in before blocking just don’t cut the tails until it’s blocked. I’m not sure about the fringe. The only fringe I’ve used has been with acrylic/wool blend yarns.

I thought only animal fibers blocked. I haven’t done any actual blocking, really, but that was my understanding. I thought manmade fibers didn’t really have “blockability.”

Are you going to post pictures of the stole?

You can block them, but they don’t usually stay where you block them to…