Blocking a ribbed and stockinette sweater

I’m almost finished with a sweater/jacket that is stockinette up to just below the bust where it is then ribbed the rest of the way to the neck. The sleeves are totally ribbed. I’m not sure what to do with blocking the sweater. The yarn is 100% cotton, Sol Degrade by Lanz.

Most of the time, all you need to do to block something is to wash and dry it according to the yarn label instructions. Pinning and stretching is generally done for very fine lacey items and not needed for most things - you certainly don’t want to stretch out ribbing, it won’t go back… until you wet it again. So look at the label and it may even be able to be machine washed and dried in the dyer. I leave my cotton items in the dryer until dampish, then let them lay out flat to finish drying.