Blocking A Garment

What is the best way to block a 100% wool garment? I am almost finished with my Anthropologie Capelet and have never really blocked anything before.

Blocking Article

Here’s a good article that Amy recommends.


Thanks Deeknit!!! That was a great article.

What is blocking???

So I am knitting a sweater with merino dk. Fortunately I only have the back almost finished, in case I need to do something! Am I supposed to block each separate piece before I eventually ( probably when I’m very old) turn this into a sweater? It is in stockinette, so it definitely curls! Sally

Sally and aineepooh1,

I have never blocked before sewing together my garment but I think it would be easier to sew together because the edges would be flat instead of curled under.

I found this in Knitter’s Companion:

Blocking is the process of wetting or steaming the knitted pieces to even out the stitches and fibers. For best results, block the pieces before you sew them together.